Saturday, October 24, 2009

New blogger!

Hello there, cyber world.
This is my first test in blogging. I am a huge bookworm, as you probably can tell. I'll be posting about the books I read, and maybe some personal stuff if I feel the need. Almost all the books I read are YA books, but I also enjoy classics and some adult books. Alright, so this is basically my introduction. Next post will be my first review, of mymost current read: Breathless, by Jessica Warman.


  1. Adult fiction you'd recommend?

  2. Thank you for the welcome!

    Adult books...well there's A Walk to Remember and My Sister's Keeper which are absolute musts. Reviews to come :)

  3. I haven't read a Walk to Remember, but My Sister's Keeper was definitely thought provoking. I found myself quite ticked off for most of the book, but felt rewarded near the end (not the very end, of course)! How's the movie version? Haven't caught it yet.