Thursday, February 4, 2010

CUWAC (early)

Hey guys, I'm heading out of town tomorrow and I'll be without computer, so I thought I'd do CUWAC a day early! [And I sincerely apologize for my silence the past few days--I'll try to do better!!! School is really swamping me right now. I'll start back up again with Teaser Tuesday and WoW next week hopefully!!]

Title: The Scarlet Letter

Author: Nathaniel Hawthorne

Pages: 288

Rating: ***1/2

Summary: [I couldn't find a good summary for this book, so here goes] Hester Prynne, a young, beautiful woman, has commited adultery. In her Puritan society, this is one of the greatest sins one can commit. As punishment, she is forced to wear a large A on her chest. She is alienated from society and is forced to live in a cottage on the edge of town. The novel follows her life here with her new child, the baby's father, and the return of her husband.

Review: I read this book for school, and I have a feeling I would have enjoyed it a lot more if my teacher didn't tell us every day how bad it was. He didn't even make us finish reading it; he just told us how it ended (I still read the ending, though, because I actually liked the book). I liked the plot line and I find older writing beautiful, if challenging to comprehend sometimes. Though her daughter freaked me out a little bit, I found Hester to be a basically good woman who had made a bad choice. I don't really blame her, though--wait until you meet her husband. Overall, this one wasn't a favorite, but I did enjoy it.

Recommended for: Teenagers, romantics

Question: would you guys mind me reviewing classics I didn't enjoy? Or would you prefer a recommendation?
Also, sorry for the short review!

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