Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Amazing Grace

Title: Amazing Grace

Author: Megan Shull

Pages: 256

Rating: ****

Summary (from Goodreads): Grace Ace Kincaid has it all. Shes a teen sports sensation. Her face and body are on the cover of every magazine. Shes front and center on the red carpet. She has the world at her feet, as long as she toes the line.But then she says three little words. Three words that take her out of the spotlight to Medicine Hat, Alaska. Population 272. Grace has the chance to start all over again. Its something she wanted so much. Now the question is: Who will she be?

Review: Hot guy? Check. Amazing best friend? Check. Cozy little town? Check. What more do you want?

I read this book for the first time about five years ago. I found it at my library and just HAD to read it again. It's one of those books. It took me barely 24 hours to finish.

Grace is a celebrity who decides to call it quits. She is just too overwhelmed with everything that she feels like she's losing herself. It'd be nice if some real-life celebrities would do this before they go over the edge (*cough* Britney Spears *cough*). Her mom has the perfect reaction--no questions, no persuasion, just says "Ok." Suddenly Grace is trading her make-up and five gajillion dollar wardrobe for parkas and sweaters in Alaska. This seemed much more fitting for her; if she was enjoying her life as a celebrity, she wouldn't have been so excited to give everything away.

I loved the setting. Alaska is often forgotten, I think. This book was great to read at this specific town because I could actually think "Wow, maybe there is someone out there who is actually colder than I am right now."

Now, let's talk about the guy. That's all anyone really cares about anyway, right? Teague is perfect. He is gorgeous, courteous, giving, and of course he falls for Grace the first time they meet. A little too perfect? Perhaps. But I really don't care. Also, how awesome is his name? I'm totally naming my son after him.

Fisher (another awesome name!) is the perfect quirky best friend for Grace. Ava is pretty cool, even if her character isn't developed as much as it could be.

This is a quick, sweet read. Cheesy? Oh yes. But it's fun. Upon finishing it this time, I felt like Megan Shull could have done more with it; many characters and minor plot lines were either hastily answered or only briefly mentioned. But Amazing Grace is short and sweet; curl up in front of the fire for a day with it, and you won't regret it.

Recommended for: romance lovers.

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  1. Sounds like a good holiday or airplane read; thanks for the reaview