Thursday, December 31, 2009

Best Books of 2009

Alrighty. Here are my top 25 books I've read this year. 2009 has been an amazing year for books, and I'm already pumped for 2010! Here goes:

1. The Hunger Games/Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins
-I waited to read The Hunger Games because the concept (kids killing each other?) didn't really appeal to me. My friend convinced me of its amazingness, and I read it this summer, just in time to read Catching Fire! Now I'm super excited for the third book, out August 24, 2010

2. The Mortal Instruments Series by Cassandra Clare

-Again, my friend gave these to me. They are definitely one of my favorite series EVER. If you haven't read them, go get them. Now. You won't be sorry. The fourth is due out in 2011, so you've got some time if you're a procrastinator, though this is not a series I would wait to read!

3. Along for the Ride by Sarah Dessen
-Sarah Dessen is one of my favorite authors, and I'm surprised she isn't mentioned more in the blogosphere. She has the ability to write what might be considered "chick lit", except her books go so much deeper than romance. Her latest book is no exception. I'm currently listening to the audiobook; review to come when I've finished it.

4. Hush, Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick

- I only read this book less than a week ago but it deserves this top spot. As you read in my review, this book is one of my all-time favs. Mystery, romance, fear--what could be better?!

5. Swoon by Nina Malkin

-This book is another all-time fav. More romance and fear, plus a hot guy, really? Is there any question?

6. Don't Judge a Girl by Her Cover by Ally Carter

-This is the third and most recent book in Ally Carter's Gallagher Girls series. I won her writing contest and received an ARC of this book--my first ARC ever! I finished it in about a day. A whole new twist has been put on the series! I am so excited for Only the Good Spy Young, the fourth GG book, out June 15, 2010.

7. A Great and Terrible Beauty by Libba Bray
-Yes, this book came out about what, 7 or 8 years ago, but I just read it this year. I fell in love with the characters and the magic of their life. I also loved the historical setting, which really affects the story. I'm in the middle of Rebel Angels right now.

8. Fire by Kristin Cashore

-Amazing. I loved this book more than Graceling I think, hence its higher rank. I loved Fire as a character, and I loved the plotline.

9. Graceling by Kristin Cashore

-Another amazing book I read just this year. I love a kick-butt girl protagonist. Girl power all the way!

10. Pretties by Scott Westerfeld

-I really really liked this book, but I didn't like it as much as Uglies. Maybe because I loved David. Ah well. I got Specials and Extras for Christmas, but I have yet to start either of them.

11. Eyes Like Stars by Lisa Mantchev

-I wish I could get this book in the top 10, but I've just read so many great books this year! I am so excited for Act II, Perchance to Dream. I don't know whether to be team Ariel or Team Nate. I thought Ariel really showed his good side at the end of the book, but Nate is such a sweetheart. I guess I'll just have to wait for the curtain to rise!

12. Wings by Aprilynne Pike

-I wasn't sure if I'd like this book, because I feel like this was the year of the faerie. However, I LOVED it. I am super excited for Spells, out May 4, 2010!

13. Twenty Boy Summer by Sarah Ockler

-This book was a lot better than I wrote it off to be initially. I expected it to be a fluffy romance novel, and it definitely wasn't. It went far beyond my expectations, and I can't want for Sarah's next book, Fixing Delilah Hannaford, out Fall 2010.

14. The Summoning/The Awakening by Kelley Armstrong

-We really need to thank my friend, because she recommends the best books. I read these books in about 2 days--absolute awesome. I'm eagerly anticipating the third book in the trilogy, The Reckoning, out May 1, 2010

15. Two-way Street by Lauren Barnholdt

-another great "chick lit" book. I should mention, I do not say chick lit in a demeaning way. It's my favorite genre. The writing of this book was phenomenal; the storyline was intriguing. I want to read Reality Chick next!

16. The Truth About Forever by Sarah Dessen

-It's Sarah Dessen. Need I say more?

17. Kiss My Book by Jamie Michaels

-This was another book that took me by surprise. I read it on a snow day, and I absolutely loved it. I love books about writers and readers, and this was both! also, the love interest has mohawk. Sweetness!!! haha

18. When It Happens by Susane Colasanti
-I believe in true love. I believe there is one person who is just for me, I just have to find him. That's why I loved this book. It was a sweet story about true love, and I really really really want to read her other books, Waiting for You, Take Me There, and Something Like Fate (out May 18, 2010)!!!

19. Prophecy of the Sisters by Michelle Zink
-Loved it. I wish I could put it higher up, but I read so many good books!!!!! I have two sisters, so I love reading about sister dynamics. I would be the good one, of course! Can't wait for The Guardian and the Gate, out April 1, 2010.

20. Beautiful Americans by Lucy Silag
-So good! I love all things French/Parisian, so I adored this book. I loved the intertwined plots. Can't wait to read Wanderlust!!!!

21. The Summer I Turned Pretty by Jenny Han
-Everyone wants that one summer where everything is different. Isabelle got that wish. Excited for It's Not Summer Without You, out next summer!!!

22. Audrey, Wait! by Robin Benway
-I read this book in a few hours, one night when I couldn't sleep. Amazing!!! I loved how it was the side of the breakup you don't usually hear. Very original.

23. One Trick Pony by Daniella Brodsky
-Very, very good. Recommended by the teen librarian at my library, who pretty much rocks.

24. The School for Dangerous Girls by Eliot Schrefer
-I got this book for my friend for her birthday, and I was lucky enough to have her loan it to me. It was amazing! Dark, yet funny, scary and compelling. I know the paperback is sold only at Target, so go check it out!

25. My Sister's Keeper by Jodi Picoult
-Again, I know this book was out a while ago, but I just got around to reading it this year. I laughed, I almost cried, and I adored Jodi's writing. I really want to read her other books!!! I hear the movie sucks though....

There you have it! I haven't read Beautiful Creatures or Shiver yet, which I hear are both amazing and I know have made the rounds on the blogosphere. That's why they aren't on my list, if you were wondering.
I'll post my New Year's Resolutions either later tonight or tomorrow. Happy New Year everyone!!!


  1. The Truth About Forever and The Summer I turned Pretty are AMAZING! I can't wait to read Jenny Han's sequel to 'The Summer I turned Pretty' which will be published at April. :)
    The Hunger Games is also amazing, I haven't read Catching Fire yet but it is in my bookshelf waiting for me to read it as well as 'My Sister's Keeper'. :)

  2. Wow, you listed some amazing books there! I love Jodi Picoult & Sarah Dessen & Audrey, Wait was too amazing for words! I'm planning to read some of these books soon too (Prophecy of the Sisters, Libba Bray etc.), but I'm really tempred to give The Hunger Games a try - like you, the concept doesn't appeal to me, but everyone's been praising them so much that I'm really curious now, heh ...