Friday, January 1, 2010


My second Curl up with a Classic feature! I'm not sure if this book can really be considered a classic, but it's fifty years old and a spin off of Jane Eyre, so I'll count it.

Title: Wide Sargasso Sea

Author: Jean Rhys

Pages: 160

Rating: ***

Summary: This is the untold story of Bertha, the crazy wife of Mr. Rochester of Jane Eyre. This book tells the story of Antoinette Mason, a young Creole girl born and raised in the Caribbean. She has a rough childhood; the townspeople hate Creoles (this was a time of terrible race relations), and Antoinette has no one to get close to, not even her family. Enter Mr. Rochester, a wealthy Englishman who promises to love her and make her happy. If only the people of her life could tell more than lies...

Review: I really liked this book. The writing was a little difficult to understand in some parts, but the story overall was fantastic. I loved Jane Eyre, and I'm a huge fan of spin-offs. However, this book did put a shadow over Jane Eyre for me, because it shows the truth of Mr. Rochester. Readers can see it as they wish, a bad deed done by a young, ignorant man, or the truth of his character. It's tough. I liked seeing Antoinette's side of things, and how she became to be Bertha in the attic. A great read.

Recommended for: fans of Jane Eyre and untold stories


  1. Woah, sounds interesting. I've always sort of wondered about Mr. Rochester's crazy wife, and I love Jane Eyre! Nice review. :)

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